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About Sino-Euro Intelligent Transportation Training Center  

Sino-Euro Intelligent Training Transportation Center was support by Ministry Of Technology of P.R China and ERTICO. Sino-Euro Intelligent Training Center rely on Northern Transportation University because they had wide Experience in transportation field. Intgrate National Fifteen Programme and interrelated project in transportation field.The primary objective of the Centre is to be a centre of excellence in transport strategy and contribute to more integrated and sustainable transport by:
undertaking, evaluating and promoting innovative, cross-disciplinary research and development developing and advancing opportunities for joint ventures in research and development, training and the provision of professional services in transport strategy and planning raising the profile of transport strategic planning among researchers, government and industry developing appropriately skilled professionals for the transport sector.Based on co-operation between European and Chinese experts in preparing the training materials as well as training Chinese companies to apply ITS planning methodologies, a long-lasting co-operation ralationship will be established between the participating European and Chinese companies.

Sino-Euro Intelligent Training Center had excellent experts in traffic programme, traffic engineering, information technology,Communication and moreover, we invited experience technician and traffic management officer as training adviser.Intelligent transportation system is across century technology Revolution. For coordination of the Fifteen
.Programme especially in transportation infrastructure.
Sino-Euro Intelligent Transportation Training Center wills training
hundred talented people they are all from high-level transportation management. Intelligent transportation system will become powerful energy for traffic development in China.


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